Voltron FC

Voltron FC is an indoor football club in the "Lliga Nocturna de Fútbol Sala Sarrià" in Barcelona, of which I am a proud team member. Yet after a disappointing mid-table finish last season, I decided it was necessary to redesign our 2012-13 kit in an effort to reinvigorate the team's morale.

The shirts (home, away & 3rd kit) are designed using the Nike Park V as the initial reference, since this was the jersey currently used by most of the team and the one we all liked for its materials and fit.

The main color remains the original red, but I experimented with various locally inspired patterns to give the kit a distinctly Catalan flavor and to make it uniquely ours. The team badge is a minimalist and retro design, which uses the pentagon. The five points reference the five players on the pitch. The typography, which consists of organic cuts through sans-serif characters, is a fresh take on the stencil.

Força Voltron!

Adrian Candela
Industrial Designer New York, NY