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Ellipsis - Bio plastic chair. Fluid and feminine form exhibits ergonomic principals and minimal usage of materials.
Ellipsis Pair
Cuban Chaise Lounge - Chaise Lounge
Exploration of stackable chairs. Simple one piece shell sits on a cradled steel base. Shape is form fitting and back is flexible to for improved support.
Diverge Lounge - Goals: Piece w/ strong visual impact w/o being overly trendy. Playing with mirrored shapes pointed me in this direction, and the strong, blocky Y that developed in sketches was appealing. Result: self supporting shell structure, identical seat and back, easing production and shipping.

Different base options, couch/love seat variations, ganging options, colors and materials.

Plant based plastic shell with soy foam padding, ultrasuede.
Swilken: Bio Plastics - Bio plastic version of the Swilken bench. Using plant based plastics keeps this piece green w/o sacrificing form. Packs flat.
Cuban Lounge (wood)
Cuban Lounge Chair - The Cuban is designed to fit and flex with the user. Spring steel base rolls back as user sits and then forward as the user shifts weight to exit, to allow for easier egress.

The shell is engineered to provide support in the lumbar, upper back, and legs. The shell is a cantilevered self supporting stressed shell structure, lightweight, strong and flexible.
The arm rests also act as a major structural component, keeping the back stable, but letting it flex.

Cuban Carbon and RED
Bench of Unknown origin
Diverge 1
Diverge 2
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Andrew Dickson
Owner/Designer Kansas City, MO