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Drag the item out of the ends can delete the furniture. Drag the ends can change the furniture's dimentions. A set of pre-made sets are at the first section of the bottom navigation. Checklist is at last of the bottom space. Other available items can be taken out from the third to last bottom section. Color options are at the second bottom section
The bottom menu shows options from changing furniture's colors to what you are able to put on to the stage.
The DIY center has 2 series, each series has 3 to 4 rooms.
Catking DIY Center

Chinese local furniture brand, CAT, needs a platform that firstly helps their sales to quickly visualize a customer's demand for how does a combination of furnitures put together look like. This platforms can helps sales without 3D background to quickly show a customer the preview of a combination sets, thus reduce the amount of salary and background a sale needs, also increase the sale of CAT's furnitures.

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Xiaolin Wang
Freelance UI Designer, Flash/Flex Developer, Front-end Developer, Photographer Beijing, China