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Fallen Angel - The rendering above is of my final concept for this competition. The base of the cocktail glass is solid blue glass with a "dagger like" piece of silver which would go through it. The top part of the glass would then be melted to the piece of silver giving it a delicately, elegant appeal. The color blue was chosen for this glass because it is the most used color in the Bombay Sapphire brand.
Fallen Angel - This is another rendering of my concept. Using the logo and color scheme of a specific brand with a concept image can be more appealing than displaying the idea on a blank background. The way I aligned the shadow of my glass in this image acsentuates the connecting element between the base and cup.
Fallen Angel - This image is very similar to the last, the reason why it is displayed is merely because I could not chose between the two. The user scenario I used for this concept was an interior designer named Antonio Beltano that likes to drink martini's. Since he has a strong knowledge of Feng Shui, he is very conscientious about anything that goes into his home. He chose this glass to represent the high energy environment he lives in due to it's dynamic top rim and elegant appeal.
Fallen Angel - This rendering focuses mainly on the base and shadow of the glass. Although this glass seems as though it could not hold a full drink, the main goal about this contest for myself was to develop more of a sculptural element, which put form before function. One could say Dieter Rams would not like this very much.
Rapid Sketches - These are some of the sketches from the end of my concept development process. I sketched out a couple hundred concepts until I found one that I was happy with. I knew from the beginning that I wanted my glass to be asymmetric, with a delicate and dynamic appeal. The research on past finalists showed that generally the more delicate and unussual the form was, the more successful it placed in the contest.
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Bombay Sapphire Martini Glass Design Competition
Adam Pockette
Industrial/Graphic Designer Burlington, VT