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Adobe CS3 Mural Installation - An interactive mural designed in conjunction with the launch of Adobe's CS3. Using sophisticated programming and tracking hardware, peoples' movements are recorded and translated into an animated mixed-media mural that reflects the creative license afforded by the CS3 software package. Working with Brand New School, I was 1 of 6 designers creating elements for the mural. The final installation will stand at 10' x 25' (photos here show the mural at approximately 3/4 scale).
Mural progression - example 1 - As a person walks in front of the mural, their movements and actvity are tracked and reflected on the mural as elements draw-on, animate and grow.
Mural progression - example 2 - Moving from left to right, the complexity and density of the mural increases as the person moves. By the end of the mural, the entire canvas is utilized and filled with both static and dynamic elements.
Elements - cuckoo clocks - Cuckoo Clocks to act as a source for other elements to appear from, as well as have their own animated elements.
Elements - vector shapes - Color and shape changing vector elements to animate and "draw on" as the slider tracks activity from left to right. Building elements towards and away from the viewer help create depth and allow interplay with other elements.
Elements - landscape details - Various flowers to grow from the ground and bloom and a winged sun to follows the viewers movements.
Elements - vines - Swirling vines grow and surround other elements while animating with increasing denisty themselves.
Adobe CS3 Mural Installation