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The Apple Satellite. - Air Brush and Water Colors. Private Collection.
Portrait Of An Old Lady. - Client's work. Oils on Canvas.
Client's Personal Drawing. Pastels on Paper.
Watches Of The Skies. - Personal Collection Painting. Oils on Cavas.
Card Design. - Water Colors on paper.
Watches Of The Skies. - Details. Personal private Collection Painting. Oils on Cavas.
Martin Luther King: I have a dream. Tribute drawing to the civil right leader - The Portrait and the hands were two separated images. The whole composition was created by me. Pen and Ink.
Unknown Soldier - Unknown Soldier". Illustration was done with pen and ink on board.
Paintings & Pen and Ink

Paintings were done on watercolors, oils and acrilics. Drawings were done with pen and ink.

Abel Alexander Adames calle: flor de trebol #11 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 829 310 5106

Abel Adames
Graphic Designer & Illustrator Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic