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Spider Growing Out My Eyepupil. - this is the final drawing I did for the Progressive Rock band "Solder Theory" debut album cover that will be out on 2010.
Pencil on Paper.
you can view the final artwork at their myspace webpage;
Self Portrait
the Rape by Giovanni Da Bologna - Charcoal drawing on paper of the original scupture by the master Giovanni Da bologna
Family Portrait - Client's work. Pencil on paper. the whole illustration were done from two separated images. The background and the people were made into a whole composition.
Heavenly Bodies.
Watchers of the Sky.
Eyes Birds.
The Road. tribute to Roger Dean.
Self portrait. Inspired by the work of Salvador Dali.
Woman's Game. The Swallowing
Woman's Game.The spitting. - pencil on paper. Personal artwork.
Woman's Game. The Dark Walk.
Woman's Game The Search - pencil on paper. Personal artwork.
Woman's Game. Hitting
Portrait Of A Young Indian Girl. - Client's private work. Pencil on Board.
Portrait Of A Young Indian Girl.
DSO logo
Musician's Life.
heavenlyTrumpets. Pencil On Paper. - Pencil on paper
Snake on Tree. - Pencil and High lighter marker.
Pencil Drawings

All work were done with pencil with the exception of a few were done on charcoal.

Abel Alexander Adames calle: flor de trebol #11 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 829 310 5106

Abel Adames
Graphic Designer & Illustrator Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic