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The Great Thinker close Up.
Deep Thoughts.
the Thin Light Line Of the Great Thinker.
Eclipse 1.
Eclipse 2.
Eclipse 3
Pain 1
Eclipse is taking Over 3
A total Eclipse of a hand.
A total Eclipse Of Hand 2.
body 2 Black and White Version.
The Great Thinker The Hand & The Neck 2
The Thinker is getting a Deep Sorrow.
sorrow and Pain 2. Black & white.
Th Great thinker. Deep Thought Thinking,
Photo Projects

These pictures were taken for a school project. 2006

Abel Alexander Adames calle: flor de trebol #11 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 829 310 5106

Abel Adames
Graphic Designer & Illustrator Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic