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Personal Work - The whole photo and lighting was done without the help of photoshop. Lighting effects and reflections were done with a lamp.
School Work: Corporate ID :Bronx Ale - Bronx Ale Beer .
Students had to create logo, poster and the whole branding Process. The whole illustration was done in Adobe Illustrator
Child help USA. - School Work project. Personal photo. Effects done in Adobe Photoshop.
Tu Rock Logo - The Whole illustration was Adobe Illutration. Student had to created a corporated ID Brand name. logo, posters and the whole branding process.
Tu Rock
Tu Rock. - The flags and Posters were done in Adobe Illustrator.
School Work

Abel Alexander Adames calle: flor de trebol #11 Santo Domingo Dominican Republic 829 310 5106

Abel Adames
Graphic Designer & Illustrator Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic