Moree Alice S LED Accu

A further project I worked on was the design and
creation of the ‘Alice S LED Accu’, a small colour
changing table lamp, to be part of Moree’s ‘Alice’
range. I CAD designed a lamp shade, and created a
novel bracket to allow the shade to fix onto the ‘wine
glass’ bulb. It acted as a claw, latching onto the bulb,
whilst still being easily removable.

After sending technical drawnings off to a Taiwanese
manufacturer, the first prototypes of the shade arrived
and the bracket I had designed had been made a
tangible reality.

I also collaborated to redesign the base of the lamp
to make it match the Moree brand, and created
catalogue pages to advertise the new design.

Freelance, Full-time
Adam Jones
Product Design BA Bournemouth, United Kingdom