Moree Rental bar

This is a customise-able, modular bar. I designed for Moree Ltd, Düsseldorf, Germany.
I began to designed bar into
a viable product that customers would
want to buy and a product that was
suitable for Moree to produce.

The idea is simple, a straight, section, a 60°
section, a 90° section and left and right end
caps; these components can be arranged
into a limitless number of configurations,
specific to the clients orders.

With remotely controlled colour changing
LEDs illuminating the front face of the bar
and the staff workspace behind the bar.
The design allows for an abundance of
customisable features, including: glass
tops, stainless steel workspaces, Beer taps,
sinks, fridges and colour variations.

Throughout this project I working on:
- The brief
- Concept sketches
-3D design generation
- Implementing developments
- Visiting manufacturers
- Interacting with clients
- Producing specifications
- Creating ambient presentations
- Specific branding towards Red Bull

Freelance, Full-time
Adam Jones
Product Design BA Bournemouth, United Kingdom