NBF - 'Nail Biting Finish'

NBF ‘Nail Biting Finish’ is a distraction aid to help
teens and young adults break their nail biting habit.
Due to common behaviours associated with nail
biting, such as anxiety and stress, and the
surrounding stigma it is essential that the product
is designed to be subtle and allow the user to
avoid any confrontation regarding their habit.

However NBF must also maintain an
aesthetically enticing design to keep the attention
of the sufferer, creating a positive relationship with
NBF and through repeated use break the habit of
nail biting.

By using the honeycomb to drive the
colour and the form, the pastel orange and the
balancing grey are attractive yet calming and the
simplistic hexagonal form NBF gives the user a
tactile output to relieve anxiety, stress, or boredom,
whilst disguising the fundamental function of the

Freelance, Full-time
Adam Jones
Product Design BA Bournemouth, United Kingdom