The treasure chest, contains a living hinge; and has the functional appearance of a 'regular' treasure chest. I moulded flexi-ply to get the desired effect. The cushion as standard 40mm thick foam sheets, with two blankets sewn together to form the pattern.
Modelling with paper, is quick, simple and produces some great results. I was inspired by the Sydney Opera house when creating the back/ spine of the shark.
This model, made from yellow foam was a movable model with the head angle being adjustable. The added versatility gave me the idea to turn the head into a magazine/ book holder as well as a side table. The adjustable feet also allow for he resting angle to be changed, and will keep the chaise longue level even if the floor isn't.
I experimented with clay during the development stage; this is a great material for making small changes or amendments to a design.
The Sea Bed - 'Chaise Longue'

This was an open brief project at A Level in which the clients specification was to design a chaise longue within the theme of water. Taking a literal approach, I created this full size chaise, drawing inspiration from nature.
Included is a range of different model making techniques.
Also I experimented with different techniques to reach the desired effect; including dying material, spray painting, and upholstery.
You can see that the designs are orientated towards more playful designs; I wanted to create a piece of furniture that would raise questions and allow users to interact with it.

Freelance, Full-time
Adam Jones
Product Design BA Bournemouth, United Kingdom