Wearable tech concept to eliminate motion sickness.
A survey taken in 2012 found that 22% of people suffer from travel sickness; this illness can occur from travelling on boats, in cars, on planes and on trains. Further studies revealed that this number is likely to increase to 50% with the introduction of driverless cars in the UK by 2025.
Allowing for the product to be customised, creates the opportunity for our product to merge form and function - avoiding the 'techy', medical feel by constituting an aesthetic, stylish product.
This is the vestibular system. there is a fluid called endolymph inside the semi-circular canals in the x,y,z axis. The fluids movement triggers microscopic hairs to send electrical signals to the brain. As an example, when you are on a boat, below deck, you are visually unaware that you are moving, but your ears are aware of the axial movement because of the fluid within your ears.
To do this, an accelerometer is synced up to measure the users movement and sound waves are emitted to counteract the real motion - therefore blocking the signals and preventing motion sickness.
The device is made up of 4 layers, the internals are made using a flexible nano printed circuit board. The casing for this is manufactured from Nitanol. The outer casing is PVC with a bio batch additive, and the removable sleeve is creating using elements of these two natural materials making it completely bio degradable.
With a simple one touch interface; the user can scroll through the modes. The battery life of the product is indicated when the user holds down the button, prior to it turning off. When the product is in use the lights fade, this makes the concept less intrusive and doesn't alert those in around the user to the fact that they suffer from travel sickness.
Care has been taken to make sure the design is subtle and fits neatly behind the ear, allowing for use alongside glasses, hearing aids etc...
The products packaging is stylish and will fit comfortably in a pocket or bag. The case has the ability to inductively charge the product with a micro USB port in the back; This was important within the design as it minimises the chance of losing either of the pieces. The device is either behind your ear or in the case
TravelSense - 'Travel sickness aid'

A live project, undertaken by our team. The brief was to think about the future - using existing technologies to justify our concept.
TravelSense is a device designed to eliminate motion sickness.
Exploring commercial space travel and self driving cars; our concept has the ability to control the fluid within the users vestibular system, counter acting and re-stabilising the connections between the ears and eyes.
My belief is that a concept such as this could be produce-able within the next 10/15 years.

Freelance, Full-time
Adam Jones
Product Design BA Bournemouth, United Kingdom