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Interactive kiosk for iPod rental - Design & functional marketing prototype development for an iPod rental kiosk aimed at gyms and other venues.
Novell Networks SUSE Linux kiosk - Design and manufacturing management for development of a SUSE Linux kiosk to enable customer-driven custom Linux builds on the show0-floor.
Mobile event kiosk for AMEX - Conceptual design for AMEX event kiosk.
Interactive download kiosk for AMEX - Conceptual development of interactive mp3 download kiosk for AMEX
Interactive Children's Kiosk - Interactive kiosk for deployment to a children's pediatric environment.
Interactive Cellphone content kiosk - Design & manufacturing management for the development of a kiosk to sell various media & digital content direct-to-cellphones within the Japanese market.
Media Download Kiosk
Innoventry RPM enhanced ATM - Design of a new, unique enhanced ATM for the unbanked allowing them to cash checks, purchase money-orders etc.
Friendlyway Van kiosk - Design & Manufacturing management for development of a range of interactive kiosks for sale within the U.S.
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Interactive Kiosks
Adam Aronson
Principle San Francisco, CA