Progress in this project was at time challenging due to a restrictive and saturated product market however we feel we managed to create an exciting and new product that suited Anglepoises core brand identity
Designed to be used in a office or desk setting the product would often appeal to the working professional.
Simple mechanics create movement of the arm and an LCD circuit board creates a small glowing light that pulses every other second representing the continuous passing of time.
Year 1 - Anglepoise - the 'play' range

This set of work is a group project response to a live brief set by Bournemouth University and Angle poise during my first year of product design.
We were expected to design a new non-lighting domestic product that conveys both Angle poise's brand and its values. We choose to create a time-piece representing the passing of time over telling the time designed as a possession of desire.

Adam Turner
Adam Turner Bournemouth, United Kingdom