The Ergo - Backpack will remove the need for a percentage of support staff that are often needed in schools to help young children with muscular conditions. The Ergo - Backpack will also help children develop better independence that often children that suffer from a mild disability crave and need. The backpack can be taken anywhere with them and looks like everyone else's back pack.
Both sold in boy and girl themes with differing colours.
Exploded view of the Ergo - backpack showing all components and material selection
High quality photoshop renders of the product and how it works drawn by hand and through the use of a stylus and photoshop drawing pad
Year 2 - Ergo Seating Aid - If Only Design Competition

The challenge was to create a innovative, novel product that could aid a practical problem currently experienced by those that are not 100% fully able. My family member suffers from mild hemiplegic cerebral palsy and had difficulty moving from a high chair to a chair between the ages of 4-8. We designed a seating aid that created better posture for young children suffering with muscular conditions such as mild cerebral palsy. The seating aid is then transformed into a back pack that they can take anywhere with them.

Adam Turner
Adam Turner Bournemouth, United Kingdom