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City Park Café - This model served as a testbed to validate a lot of the new ideas to be incorporated in the LEGO Friends line and for that reason remains close to my heart. The diner-esque style of the Café was born from from my love of 50s Americana; it's the kind of place you could meet your girl for a slice of pie and a chocolate malt.
Olivia's Tree House. The 'hang-out' of our five LEGO Friends characters, Olivia's Tree House really taps into girls' need for a secret place where adults aren't allowed and secrets can be shared.
Olivia's House - Winner of the Toy of the Year award at the 2012 Nuremburg Toy Fair, Olivia's house delivers on a girl's need to customise and accessorise her play. All the rooms are modular allowing them to be rearranged and the furniture within to be placed as you like. The flagship of the LEGO Friends 2012 launch, this model is perhaps the best example of how insights into girls' play were translated into products that meet their needs.
Andrea's Stage
Olivia's Inventors Workshop
LEGO Friends

A new product line from LEGO to finally bring a true LEGO experience relevant for girls. A great success due to the in-depth research and co-creation conducted throughout the 4 year design process, always staying focused on the needs of the consumer. My personal contribution included:

• Translating research insights into product features and meaningful play experiences.

• Driving design team through the concept development phase of the design process.

• Researching and developing a new figure platform.

• Defining style and tone of voice for products in an unknown market sector.

• Designing new elements to support play.

• Refining vision and strategy for a sustainable girls play theme business.

• Developing and executing finished products to the high standards of LEGO quality.

• Presenting concepts and products to top management and markets.