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Rektlife - Full website for personally owned apparel company. Programs used VS Code, Git and Wordpress.
Rektlife - Full Branding for personally owned apparel company.
Program used Illustrator.
Full Campaign - Email blast samples.
Full Campaign - Supplementary Landing Page Blog Post
Full Campaign - Print Mailer
Full Campaign - Primary Landing Page
Kreatefilms - Full website for film studio in South Florida. Programs used sublime text3 and HTML.
M&C Uniform Catalogue - Catalogue design, for a local cruiseline uniform manufacturer. Their Client is Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), this particular catalogue was for their ship The Pride of Hawaii. Each Ship Department is divided using different color schemes Programs used Quark Xpress and supporting apps(font manager)
PoP Banner Artwork - This piece was done for a contemporary shoe store in Peru.
This banner was placed in the womens side of the shoe store. Actual size was over 5 feet in height. Programs used illustrator and Pen and pencils.
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Aldo De los...
Multimedia Visual Designer | Digital Marketer | Content Creator Miramar, FL