Penthouse Saloon - (Design Direction and Management of seating reupholstery, case good refinishing, seasonal accessory selection, wood wall panel refinishing, and event/entertainment layout design)
Lobby/Lounge - (Design Direction, and Management of indoor landscaping, seating plan design & reupholstery, lighting & accessory placement, installation of area rugs, drapery replacement)
Lobby Coffe Bar - (Design Direction & Management of lighting refurbishment, countertop refinishing, seasonal accessory placement & lighting)
Lower Terrace Dining - (Design Direction and Management of landscape preservation, lighting placement, seating reupholstery & refinishing, floor refinishing, awning and drapery installation)
The Oasis - (Design Direction & Management of seating frame reinforcement & refinishing, layout design and event/seasonal space planning, overal asthetic preservation)
Poolside - (Directed Design and Management of landscape preservation & space planning, assisted with chaise lounge sourcing and selection, reupholstery of seating, pool, pool deck, and pool bar refurbishment, overall asthetic preservation)
Raleigh Hotel - Miami Beach
Alison Johnson
Experienced Hospitality Interior Design & FF&E Project Manager Los Angeles, CA