CIS Non Profit - CIS One’s Web Framework provides an integrated, easily managed, and marketing centric solution for dynamic content managed websites for Non-profit corporations.
Baby Plays - Babyplays is a toy website that delivers exciting pakcages for kids. It has a wide range of toy selection and categories for the ease of use of the buyer.
DSC Skin Care - DSC Laser Skin Care Center is a team of dedicated experts in Medical Lasers, skin-care, nutrition, holistic herbal medicine, acupuncture, yoga, etiquette, make-up, photography, singing and dancing.
Hime International
Julie Powers - Julie Powers has been in sales for 11 years, achieving marketing and leadership goals experience with Century 21.
Nicody Events - Nico Dy Events is an event design firm that is dedicated in producing events that are aesthetically outstanding and personal.