Marker Visual - traditional marker visual.
Safety poster illustration - This illustration was part of a set of safety illustrations for a safety poster. The client needed the poster to be humorous to create interest, and hopefully pass on the important safety message.
Plan of apartment in 3d - Commission to help promote new accommodation for the elderly in Derbyshire. The plan shows in a 3d aerial view the layout of the apartment / flat. This is far better way to understand than a more technical focused plan.
Aerial map in watercolour - Watercolour map of a village in Nottinghamshire.
Sexy Parachute girl - This illustration was commissioned to promote a new contraceptive. Cilest is the contraceptive and needed an image that would give a sexy feminine but confident feel.
British telephone box - Watercolour illustration of a typical red British telephone box.
Medical illustration - illustration graphically showing a medical condition.
Art Nouveau logo - Art Nouveau styled logo for a Micro brewery.
Dunlop plastel - Pastel illustration for Company marketing.
3d sound - See Technical for more detail.
Navaho woman - Watercolour portrait.
Yoga pose - Vector line illustration suitable for yoga and exercise instruction.
Editorial illustration

A selection of varying styles of illustration suitable for editorial use. These can cover many areas and possibly duplicated in other sets in this folio.

Adrian Cartwright
illustrator London, United Kingdom