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Folding Bucksaw for FEINFRACHT®

Inspired by the traditional frame saw we designed the FEINFRACHT saw. Reinterpreted and conveniently stored away in a cotton bag, the saw can be versatilely used. Made of ash, we benefitted from the noteworthy features of this wood. When assembling the saw and by tightening the rope, the saw becomes an endurable tool. A quick-change mechanism facilitates replacement of the saw blade. At FEINFRACHT we love tools, their appearance and demand for high standards, tools are often passed on from generation to generation and in this way become something very special. With this product we want to share those emotions with you.

Take your FEINFRACHT saw on excursions; no wood will be able to cope with it.

weight: 600 gram
dimensions: 630 x 315 x 30 mm
material: ashwood, steel

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Adrian Gögl
Designer BA Zürich, Switzerland