Beckett's Table website

Beckett's Table is a great little restaurant in Phoenix, headed by an award-winning chef. The client wanted the site to more closely reflect the ambience and community vibe of their restaurant. Their audience ranges from hip, young professionals to wine connoisseurs and foodies to seniors, coming from the surrounding lower-income area to the more affluent Arcadia neighborhood down the street. The client also wanted quite a bit of content on the home page . . . so I basically created a one-page website with bookmark links in the main menu that jump down to the corresponding section; the header area and main menu stay locked to the top of the browser window at all times.

We applied a color palette and background texture that reflects the interior design and paper menus, keeping the vibe homey, earthy and organic with some accents of color here and there. The low-key website design lets the photography of the food and space really pop.

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Adam Dustan
design | art direction tempe, AZ