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Interior View - The interior design has been specifically designed for Mumbai, keeping in mind the city's burgeoning population, lack of space and a need for comfortable, safe and quick travel.
Interior View: Regular Cabin - Features: central seating, ingress from the left, exit from the right, overhead storage compartment, route map near the door which indicates proximity to upcoming station.
Cargo Cabin - Since the Metros will run along the airport line in Mumbai, a cabin in the rear has been designed with luggage racks for convenient stacking of baggage.
Dabbawala Cabin - The Metros will also play host to the Mumbai Dabbawaalas, so the final cabin in the train will be equipped with roller balls embedded into the floor of the cab, for rolling the crates into the cabin. Once in, the dabba crates can be stacked up in the corner.
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Mumbai Metro Interior Design Concept