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Luxury sports sedan sketch - Some sketching and rendering practise
Audi A4 sketch - Some render practise. Adobe Photoshop, 1 hour
Futuristic Bike sketch - Inspired from Tron: Legacy, this features an all new steering mechanism and an athletic stance
Targa Roadster sketch - Media: Pencil and Markers
2+2 sedan sketch
BMW motorbike sketch - Sketch and render of a BMW sportsbike. Pencil and Adobe Photoshop CS4
Pencil sketches - Pencil sketches and shading done in Nov. 2010
Some quick sketches - Quick doodles. February 2011
More quick sketches - Various media, Dated: January - March 2011
In the city - A drawing of a crowded street.

Rotring Pen, No staging. Time: 6 hours
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