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Evolution of Automotive form from Linear form - The process of evolution of an automotive form begins from a linear abstract form. This form was derived by placing the sections of a fort pillar in a linear fashion, and evolving form transitions between them. The pillar was chosen due to the strong character of the fluted section
Clay modelling of linear form with passenger space. - The linear form was developed further by evolving space for a passenger. This addition was done to make the transition between an abstract linear form and an automotive form
Finished Model - The strong flow lines due to fluted section of the pillar; lithe, sporty stance.
Finished model - The passenger space is the origin of all character in the form, just as the passenger is the source of direction in an automobile.
Finished Model - An abundance of concave surfaces, brought about by the inherent concavity of the fluted section. A strong, jagged feature line fleshes out the passenger space.
Explorative Doodles #1 - The linear form clay model served as the starting point for the automobile
Explorative Doodles #2 - The key styling theme was that of the passenger being the source of power and direction of the vehicle
Explorative Doodles #3 - The three wheeled automobile can be either 2 wheels up front or 2 wheels in the back, which opens up more form possibilities.
Concept 1: Land Shark - Land Shark draws on the characteristics of a shark: low, aggressive snout, wide set front wheels and the sharp features emanating along its surface.
Concept 2: Riptide - Riptide: A name shared with a tsunami tide which reaches full strength in a matter of seconds; quick, purposeful, intense.
Concept 3: Urban Wave - A sobered up personal vehicle for the city commute. Inspired by the calm sea, it continues the "driver at the centre" styling theme in a dignified, calm and composed statement.
Riptide: 1/5th Scale Clay Model
Rear 3 quarter
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Styling of a 3 Wheeled automobile
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