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concept exploration panel #1 - exploration of different concepts of form and features for a kick scooter. Ideas explored were those of modularity and reversible design
concept exploration panel #2 - Stackability for easy parking, Parallel wheels for smaller length and greater stability.
concept exploration panel #3 - foldability, single handlebar and extendable footboard concepts were explored.
concept exploration panel #4 - More foldable designs.
Green Wave: A kick scooter for campus use - The Green Wave is inspired by two of nature's most primal elements: waves and trees. The footboard takes the shape of a wave, while the stalk is styled as a willow tree trunk. The waves represent the energy of the ocean; relentless, immense and everlasting, in contrast to which, the willow stalk is flexible, adaptive yet strong and highly difficult to break down.

The Green Wave's stem can be folded down onto the floorboard. The stem is adjustable, and the handlebars can be folded in.
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Styling of a Kick Scooter for campus use