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Thesis 1 - Conceptual board and sketches for the design and development of a 3000sq.ft. loft apartment area located in an unused shoe-mill factory in Haverhill MA. USA. This was the culmination of four yrs of design in which I had to demonstrate my aptitude for the ID profession & acquired skills in visual presentation.
Thesis 2 - First floor plan, section and examples of FF&E to be used throughout space. Hand rendered drawings with use of AutoCAD, Google SketchUp, Photoshop and CorelDraw
Thesis 3 - Floor plan of mezzanine area, section, detail of designed mezzanine support system and examples of FF&E used.
Thesis 4 - Hand renderings of perspectives throughout the loft area. Design detail and section of kitchen as well as seating and paint used in space.
Thesis 5 - Hand rendered perspective of living area, and birdseye view of entire loft space. Also details of doors that were designed for the space and examples of finishes for door systems that were used.
Thesis 6 - Hand rendered perspectives of master bath and bedroom areas. Examples of furniture, plumbing and accessories as well as wall finishes used throughout entire space.
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Aimee Ellenwood
Bachelors of Science Interior Design Bradford, MA