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Lining up the two patterns.
Hughes H-4 Hercules project begins.
Laying out the material for the patterns.
Polishing the pattern.
Jeff and Cesar adding scale detail to the pattern.
Joe checking exact position between portholes on the Starboard side of their new Museum Quality Spruce Goose!
Cockpit window details added to the pattern.
Adding side door details to the pattern.
First side of mold finished
Now for the second side of the mold
Mold Completed!
Laying in reinforcing strips
Joining the 2 halves together.
Hughes H4 fiberglass mold.
Working on the Hughes H4 fiberglass fuselage.
Joe and Jeff vacuum bagging the Spruce Goose Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder.
Preparing wings for top sheeting and final leading edge shaping.
Spruce Goose Horizontal Stabilizer after joining together and adding trailing edge stock.
Horizontal stabilizer and elevator almost complete. Sheeted and in the vacuum bag to dry.
Jeff shaping the leading edge of the wing
Shaping the leading edge of the port wing assembly
Shaping the horizontal stabilizer tip
Wing design review
Sheeting the vertical stabilizer and rudder
Spruce Goose Vertical Stabilizer and Rudder assembly after vacuum bagging. Leading edge and trailing edge stock before shaping.
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Hughes H-4 Hercules

Working with The Western Museum of flight and several ex-Hughes Aircraft employees, Joe Bok and his team of Aviators were given access to "never before seen" photographs and original Hughes Aircraft Company Flying Boat blueprints and documents detailing the technical intricacies of the complex and graceful Hughes Flying Boat. Joe and his team have turned this information into one of the most graceful and beautifully detailed model airplanes ever built.

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