Nodal Website - Nodal is a Brazilian consulting firm that works with clients around the globe providing innovation and strategy services. I made their website. From Design to coding HTML & CSS along with JS
Conexao Website - Conexao Servico de Integracao Social is a brazilian NGO that develops projects benefiting youth in poor communities. I made their website. From Design to coding HTML & CSS along with JS and Flash.
Kandee Blog - Kandee is an approach to spark a fashion sense. From Design to coding HTML & CSS along with JS.
aFar25 Old Website Home - aFar is a definition of myself, a monkey is quick, fast, agile and restless, one who is always in use of its hands. Website design and coding HTML & CSS along with JS. My first home on the Web.
Tony Accardo MySpace - Myspace page for Producer/Rapper Tony Accardo, he does it all, from beats, to lyrics, to production, an amazing talent emerging. I made his MySpace page. From design to coding CSS.
Kush'd Out Home Page
Over view of the aFar Shop - You'll be able to find shirts, posters & greeting cards for now. Skateboards, shoes & postcards soon.
aFar -- Art Store - Over view of my Art Store You will be able to find original street Art.
Kush Real Estate Company Website Mock Up - Proposition for a Real Estate Company website design
Lucky Dice Single e-Flyer - E-Flyer to promote South Boston's Lucky Dice single We'ed Rock
Reks e-Flyer - E-Flyer promoting Reks
Ladies Night e-Flyer
Andres Alfonso
Graphic Designer Los Angeles, CA