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Overview - [Text]
Brief: to design a product that allows people to stay in touch in a more stimulating and effortless way.

Solution: a development of the traditional photo frame that allows people to stay in touch by viewing instant pictures and text from friends and relatives worldwide via e-mail. The user friendly product displays the received images as an automatically updated slideshow with the facility to simply flick-through and share chosen photos on the removable hand-held screen.
Storyboard - [Text Left to Right]
A. Open: each living frame has a unique password and e-mail address.
B. Connect: plug in the phone line and power before switching on the frame.
C. Mail: a friend sends the frame a photo on a password protected e-mail.
D. Automatic Download: while the user sleeps the frame is receiving new e-mails.
E. Power: as the user goes for breakfast the frame automatically wakes.
F. Pleasure: to the frame owner's delight it's a photo of a recent holiday.
Features - [Text]
Operation: living frame is simple, instinctive and comfortable to use in both cradle and album mode following extensive user testing and human factors research. There were three main user tests during the project using ergonomic rigs and prototypes; they included different album mode control methods, grip profiles and final prototype operation.
Manufacture - [Text]
Low Cost: living frame is designed for efficient injection moulding and manual assembly; with tooling slides, parts and assembly reorientation minimised, wall thicknesses optimised and strengthening ribs added with sufficient draft for ABS.
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Living Frame
Andrew Fayle
Andrew Fayle BSc (Hons) Farnham, United Kingdom