Cellula Ceiling lamp

Cellula is a ceiling light made by blown glass, laser cutted plexiglass and created for friendly moments. The key fact is that there is a light tube inside the lamp to brighten the Plexiglass edges while the overall surface of Plexi is sealed with a thin black layer to highlight the bright edges and give a dreamy effect. In addition a halogen lamp is located below the lamp to lighten up the ground or table.
The special shape of the lamp refers to development of Embryo; a cell division that shows a feeling of motion in this ceiling lamp and reminds some actions are happening over your dining table. User can see the story of creation of mankind in a symbolic way.
Team : Mohammad Afkhami, Sorush Vahidian, Nima bavardi, Mehrdad Zamani

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Mohammad Afkhami
Architect and Industrial Designer Tehran, Iran