Pnote AR Application

Sticker notes are commonly used to remind daily routines or ideas, but since anybody can see them where you leave them they lack privacy. Pnote is triggered from the desire to write personal notes or private reminders without worrying about wrong people reading them. Moreover, Pnote tries to bring augmented reality experience to our pockets and help us create more privacy in real world via smartphones.
Pnote is an application based on augmented reality technology to allow people to virtually stick private notes and reminders anywhere using their smartphones and share them with others if they want to. You can simply leave notes at a certain location that can only be seen by you through your smartphone's camera or specific others whom you add to your viewer's list. Not only it drastically increases privacy, it's an exciting way to write notes and hide them.
Team : Mohammad Afkhami, Sorush Vahidian, , Mehrnaz Masoumi, Sareh Heidari

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Mohammad Afkhami
Architect and Industrial Designer Tehran, Iran