Please, welcome
Take a look to the entire space
Get closer
Take a walk
Enjoy the sun
Get rest
Look arround
The dream and the sea

Welcome to my home :)
As a result of the pandemic, I spent 14 months walking around Argentina, living in 6 different spaces that were repeated and mixed with each other. Spread over 2 cities and a town (Adolfo Gonzales Chaves, Mar del Plata and Buenos Aires). Three completely different places. A town with all the time and calm in the world, a city with an infinite beach and a great city. Connected to each other by many trips and moves.The need to have my own space gave me the opportunity to create this space that contains several of my passions. The horizon over the water, music and sports, lots of sun and some of the objects that I design and want to make.
This images represents that dream state.

Enjoy it :)

Agustín Arrachea
Industrial Designer and Visual Artist specialized in furniture, objects and... Barcelona, Spain