Colors You Eat - Project: Colors you Eat Conception, Design, Production Using various fruits and its relationship to colors, this conceptual piece illustrates how our eyes makes relationships between how a food might taste in accordance to its perceived color. This piece was intended to be displayed as a stand alone piece in supermarkets. Programs used: Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator
Dr. Google - Project: Logo Design : Dr. Googles Conception, Design, Production This conceptual logo design was created for a class project intended for an upscale eyeglass store. The logo conveys simply the store name and effectively communicates the stores upscale, artist oriented eyeglass frames it sells. Programs used: Adobe Illustrator
Sketchbook - A piece originally designed for my personal website. This graphic was a link to my sketchbook area of the website which contained my daily sketch art.
Have A Nice Day! - T Shirt graphic designed for a small local label/brand. Currently still in production as of 2004.
Train Tracks , Desolate - Black and white photography. Taken on Black and White film and exposed in darkroom for personal project.