This was a collaborative project where I worked with my peers Emily Gubbay and Courtney Howard. We worked together to produce a body of work ending in a final outfit. The project encouraged us to be inspired by Manchester the city around us as well as the main subject of movement. We were encouraged to used jersey, woven and non-woven fabrics to reflect this.

As a group we decided to focus our work on 'print in motion' - looking at the way movement affects the way we see printed fabric. In relation to this we brought in the aspect of linear shapes from architecture in the city which also encouraged us to use stripes as a main feature of our work. We also made reference to the costumes from the Ballet Russe, specifically the work of Leon Bakst. We created our own digital print with our own abstract take on Bakst's prints. This is featured down the leg of the trousers and can be zipped open or closed.

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Aimee English
Fashion Student Lancaster, United Kingdom