Save the Bubble - Reflex Test

Save the bubble is a simple-to-play under-water themed game that is superbly challenging to master. A really fun-packed casual game, the app Save the Bubble will keep you engrossed for hours with this bubble rotate game! The bubble is seen at the center of the screen and there is a rotating shield around the bubble to keep it protected from the naughty torpedoes. YOU need to tap the screen in a way that the bubble remains safe and protected. Longer the bubble will remain protected by the revolving shield, the more you will score! Besides the rotating frenzy, there are more twists, tweaks, and goodies integrated in the game play. Power ups for offering the bubble extra life, you can get to access a 30-second invincible shield, and you may earn a slow motion boost, which slows down the speed of the torpedoes. You can purchase all these boosters in exchange of coins that you have earned during the bubble saving course.

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Ainan Ihsan
Desktop App Developer | Mobile App Developer Islamabad, Pakistan