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Car Interiors - Interior cabin design for 2-seater sports car.
Car Interiors - Concept exploration of a sporty car dash board.
Car Interior design - Interior cabin design for a car.
Car Interior design - Interior cabin concept design.
Motorcycle Design - A naked street bike design, aimed at youth between 17 and 25. Strong and Aggressive looks. Suitable for 400 cc.

Created: July '04
Motorcycle Design - A street bike concept, meant for the FAST lane.
Motorcycle Design - A street bike concept, meant for the FAST lane... Fast and Sexy!!
Ideation sketches
Ideation sketches
Ideation sketches
motorcycle design - This is a concept design for rear cowl of a sports bike. Tried a different look this time..

an exercise to restyle the rear end of a modern day street motorcycle. Completely different forms and styles add freshness to the body.

motorcycle design - graphic representation of a moving bike. done on wacom tablet. Tail end has been given a new treatment.
street bike - This is a concept street bike. Medium weight, Fast and Sexy.
Bike Sketch - Form exploration for a muscular bike, 250 cc.
street bike, ideation sketch - a street bike with a well sculpted look. Can be easily differentiated...
CRUISER - This is a low height CRUISER bike with a hint of sportiness. This design is intended for production design.

Created: Nov '05
Future Trends - This is a car design based on futuristic TRENDS.
Quick Sketch - ...was just trying new shape for headlamp and front grill combination.
new age truck design - concept design for a medium size truck. exterior styling for front end on wacom tablet. Quick photoshop work.
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Ajay Dhankar
Automotive Design at Jaguar Land Rover Coventry, UK, United Kingdom