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Business Cards. - Three separate projects. Each project included letterhead, envelopes and business cards; for DNS I also created stickers.
Storefront! - Business card design that went on to be used as signage for a computer consulting firm. Simple text banner signage in the windows was also part of the project.
Inside DNS
Simple Sweets Bakery. - Logo done for a client starting a bakery.
Fang - Linework done in Illustrator, color work done in Photoshop.
Ketchup (catsup) - Ketchup created for fun; Steve Lodefink ran a design challenge for his personal ketchup over at http://www.finkbuilt.com/blog/.
Siteplan - Siteplan created for a local development.
Cricket mp3 phone concept - Linework in Illustrator, detailed in Photoshop.
Commercial Elevation - Elevation done in Photoshop for a local architect. The linework was provided; I do these frequently and usually on very short term notice.
Train - Vector linework and fills.
Building Addition - Multiple original photos stitched together and edited to remove and extend "greenhouse" area of a fast food restaurant.
Buidling Addition - Second floor added to an existing building for use in presentation to local code planners.
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