P 38 Sustainable Pencil Sharpener - I designed this pencil sharpener to be a robust and more permanent product, thus making it a sustainable product through stewardship. My inspiration came from the P38 WWII fighter plane.

*Modeled in Rhino/ Rendered with Flamingo
Flow Humidifier - This humidifier has the capability of producing non stop humidity. Each tank was designed to hold 6 hours worth of water. The tanks flow into one another allowing you to stack as many tanks as you deem necessary. It also allows you to fill up the top tanks as it is still running. Glowing light lets you know it is on.

*Rendered in Cobalt
Light's Wonder - This was a light that I designed in four days for a Philadelphia competition called Collab. By using colored cones you were easily able to change the mood of your environment.
Stylized Humidifier - This project required me to examine Karim Rashid's work and design a humidifier in his sensual and functional style.

*Rendered in Cobalt
Atlus - This was a future project designed for a traveler in an unfamiliar place to find all the hot spots. This was designed to have a flexible, retractable touch screen.

Top: Study Model
Bottom: Final Model

*This was an interdisciplinary design project that I worked on with another industrial designer and an interactive designer.