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Pluto & Persefone - - Hand drawn, Drawing Pen -

My favorite couple in love. Despites of their original story, they represent love to me. A complete love story of all emotions. Hate, anger, bonds, patient, jealousy, obsession, sex, seduction and pure love it self.
7 Butterflies - Butterflies is beautiful. 7 beautiful things flying with various wings in various shape.
A perfect pair - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

They are different, pairing & staying together. That's the philosophy. :)
The Mermaid - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

A broken heart lady with a fish coldness. She turn into a sea foam more like she cry a lot to me.
Pixy Daisy - A girl with flowers all over her thoughts, dress up to shine.
The Bride - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

Waiting in white. A womans dream is become a perfect bride for the one she love. She wait, she think of everything in white colour. Patiently, Perfectly & lovely.
A Woman in Love - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

She is cheer. Full of joy and fool of knowledge. Not knowing that someday her happiness will turn into harmfull tears in a circle of love law.
A Woman in Tears - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

In tears she find peace, ease, and oase. Tears cause of love, lost or Lots of pain. In tears she's telling a story.
Sakura - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

Sakura in bloom. Every details will have a different point of view to every people watching.
Venus - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -
Persefone - - Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen -

The Goddess I like. Represent love and hate collide. Changing and staying at the same time. Weak yet strong will trapped in the boundary of death & life.
Athena - -Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen-
Arthemis - -Hand Drawn, Drawing Pen-
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Vignette Illustration
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