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CONCEPT - concept projects
+one robo 1/4 - My first attempt of designing a robot. It was designed to be my Avatar for the various websites I am registered at.
+one robo 2/4 - Coming soon
+one robo 3/4
+one robo 4/4
WIFI WALL RADIO 1/3 - I listen to podcast and internet radio quite a bit and wish to have a radio that I can use in my kitchen. This is the concept for that. It plugs into the wall outlet and therefore is very easy to install and no counter space is invaded (high in WF). Basic control is done by the remote, but the set up is done through a computer. With a tripath amp and mono speaker the radio is compact and light weight.
WIFI WALL RADIO 3/3 - Black version of the radio
Z-amp - This is a concept guitar amp I designed. It is a hybrid tube amp, meaning it uses tubes for preamp section and solid state for the power amp to utilize the best of both world. The main section of the cabinet is a single bent wood piece, and the front baffle is CNC machined wood. The speaker hole can be customized for owners taste.
Z-amp WOODY - Zamp in a different material finish. The most of the guitar amps on the market are targeted for just two types of users: pro and aspired to be a pro musicians. But do all the guitar players want to be a pro and play in a band? I believe many just enjoy playing at home on their own time. This amp is designed for that type of people. It looks natural in your home, not on the stage of nearby clubhouse.
Z-amp RED - Z-amp with grill cloth. The cloth is just see-through enough to show the intricate speaker hole patterns.
FRENCH EXPRESS 1/2 - NEED:Good Coffee to Go, Fast.
SOLUTION:French Express
This is basically a coffee mug with French press function. What is different from others on the market is that in stead of just having a shaft and the mesh filter, it has a chamber that strained coffee moves from the outside shell, making a cup double walled without increasing the part numbers.
Alien 1/2 - Alien is a boom box that allows Kenwood Sirius car tuner to be used in the house. Most of the boom box on the market is aimed to be used on the shelf or desktop, but the Alien is intended to be placed on the floor, freeing up the premium desk or shelf space. Although it may be perceived as funny looking device serious considerations are given for its sound quality.
Alien 2/2
+one robo
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Aki Hirota
Sr. Industrial Designer at HP boise, ID