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Motif - This is the motif created, taking the initial alphabet of my name A. This motif signifies my state of mind. At the moment I feel emerging into the new world of thoughts, feelings and creativity.
Motif 2 - This motif id again worked with my initial A. The motif signifies my nature of being adjustable and being able to mold into the surrounding like a drop of water but at the same time I also have a sharp end of being cautious to protect and defent myself.
Pattern - Just a doodle on the paper.
Morph - Morphing of organic (octopus) and inorganic (scissors).
T-Shirt Culture - The layout explains the effect of desi designer lables on the market of branded companies.
T-Shirt culture page 2
Tangent - Creating a brand identity for a interior design firm named Tangent.
The Spa - Place - Creating a brand identity of a spa named Place. The logo itself has a pattern of its initals P and L. The design has been kept felxible enough for different requirements of different products used in the spa.
Pattern in the Logo.