alain+creatives Corporate Identity

alain+creatives is a collective of creatives.
My approach is to "swim" with visual artists and see what I can produce and deliver with them. Their input matters immensely to me, because of the unique outlook they have on the world around us. I believe artists, philosophers, writers, architects have been for centuries ahead of the curve when it comes to artistic direction... And Aesthetic.
I choose my work talents/partners on the project basis.
For my corporate identity, I was sending forth the cultural message of my working style... It is me and a team that "gets" where I am headed, without too much else to explain... I like to keep around a good "brainy" challenge.
It is a layout that "breathe". I like to use 2-3 colors... More, tends to draw the viewer away from the message.
Less Text and fewer colors/graphics allow me the flexibility in the future to improve or adjust for an updated look.
Like Renzo Piano (architect) says it well good design needs to build upon existing structure.

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