1932 Pierce Arrow - Airbrush, acrylics, and colored pencil were used to render this 20"x30" photo-realistic painting.
1939 Buick - A bad ride by a lake brigs this 1939 Buick to a watery end. Painted with acrylics, the illustration measures 20"x30".
1933 Chrysler - Bright red paint and lustrous chrome capture the flowing lines of the 1933 Chrysler. The 20"x30" painting was completed with acrylics.
Piano Lake - A surreal look on the sounds of water and music. The 20"x 36" painting was done primarily with acrylics.
Screaming Head - Sometimes emotions just get the better of a person. This acrylic painting measures 12"x 30".
Lion Cross - A pen and ink depiction of a scene at the San Xavier Mission near Tucson,AZ. The drawing measures 30"x40".
Avondale - Painted on the barrel ceiling at Avondale First Baptist Church, the 16'x24' mural is a one point perspective view of the church and downtown Avondale. Due to the style of perspective, the steeple appears to move as the viewer crosses the room for a very dynamic effect.
Swim with the Fish - A dynamic photograph of the interaction of aquatic life at the Georgia Aquarium as a young family takes in the action.
BMW 7 - Classic red paint and perfect chrome accents reflect the BMW 7 Roadster moniker at the BMW museum in Greer, SC.
St. Giles Cathedral - Capturing the mood of the day, the somber statue drips from the persistent fog covering Edinburgh in front of St. Giles Cathedral.
Alan Harp
Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA