Pink Caddy - Inspired by the 50's Cadillacs, this back massaging toy car is hand made of hardwoods and painted in a fun pink.
Pinewood Derby - These cars were done as a way to work with my son during his Cub Scout years. Shown are the cars I raced against his... he always beat me. They are standard pinewood derby cars, measuring no more than 7" long and weighing no more than 5oz.
Wood/Canvas Canoe - Built as an exercise in CNC machining and boat design, this canoe is made of 3/4" plywood, fir strips and a canvas skin. The plywood for the 14' canoe was cut on a 3 axis CNC router. The fir strips were soaked then bent and attached to the frame. The canvas skin was stretched over the frame and painted with exterior house paint for waterproofing purposes.
Alan Harp
Industrial Designer Atlanta, GA