Bustin Boards Griptape Design - Core 77 Design Competition. Make Waves.
Wanderlust Camera System - The adventurer's best friend. It not only captures images but, using a solar powered gps unit, marks a waypoint. When all of these are strung together using Wanderlust's software it creates an interactive map to more accurately describe a hike or trip virtually.
Cannonale HeadPump - Cannondale just released it's innovative line of bikes featuring a plethora of improvements and innovations. I wanted to continue these new ideas and aesthetics into a line of products based on their Scalpel line. The first of these products is the HeadPump that slips inside of the steertube of the fork and provides tire inflation with a CO2 cartridge. It's stored safely in the headtube for the unlikely event you'll need it in a world with tubeless tires.
Emergency Hydration Unit - The E.H.U. is designed to be airdropped into areas hit by disaster to provide clean drinking water. Water is sourced on site; from lakes, rivers, or unsafe tap water. This shortens the supply chain by avoiding blocked roads and the pure tonnage of bottled water. It is a community-based pump to promote action and emotion among communities to cope where overburdened professionals might not.
Outdoor Products
Ahern Laurinat
Footwear Designer Boston, MA