Light Knight was a personal project I developed in Unreal Engine 4 from the ground up. I utilized existing assets from the Unreal Marketplace and Unreal's Blueprinting system to fully develop a single-player game.
In Light Knight, the player starts with 1 Orb which they can use to interact with various objects that indicate they have the same Color as the player's Orb. Over the course of the game, the player unlocks up to 3 Orbs with unique Colors, which allow them to interact with the world in completely different ways, all of which encourage one of the core pillars of the game - exploration.
Feedback and acting on said feedback was pivotal in the development of Light Knight. I had several peers play several iterations of the game, and each round was received in new and interesting ways. Systems as fundamental as the control scheme, to how the Orbs interact with themselves have all seen staggering changes from this game's initial conception.
The level design in Light Knight encourages both player-exploration and reengagement with previously inaccessible areas. As a player unlocks more Orbs, they unlock new areas, some of which they have been "teased" with when they initially encountered the blocker in a previous exploration.
Light Knight - 2020

This is a 3D sidescroller I recently completed in Unreal 4. It is my first full game in Unreal 4, with a heavy emphasis on darkness exploration and RGB colors.
A download link can be sent to you upon request.

Alec Heyer
Game Designer I Lutherville-Timonium, MD