Some of the cast for the new project!
And the rest of them! :)
Can't wait to color this one!
Part of the cast for the new project! Recognize the story? :)
Fee fi fo fum, i smell.. THE FINGERPRINTS OF SCUM!
Still sketchin'
HULK SMASH!! Well, Goliath that is..
'You will stay at home David. You are too young and small to battle!'
Behold! Almighty Goliath! In sketch!
You wouldn't believe, but these two just now popped out of my pencil!
New project sketches :)
The gang's all here! Well, most of them :)
Random street cars
NY police station
NY police station with moving objects
Round, grey cement mixers turn and churn concrete. Make sure not to step too soon, or you can’t move your feet.
NY subway
'Blue, boxy street sweepers make cities squeaky clean. Their swirling, twirling brushes buff a shine you’ve never seen.'
NY garbage men
Round two
Round one
More to come!
New sketches! Does it look like something you'd see on NY streets?
More to come!
Third round
Second round
first round
Second round
First round
New project sketches!
Tijuana fiend, waiting for coloring
Just some hanging Viking skeletons
Concepts for the new project!
Concept for the new project!
Sketches for the Three Little Pigs houses! I'm quite happy with these!
Just a grumpy clerk bear.
Storyboard for Three Little Pigs!
I like drawing cars.
Anyone knows the Selfish Giant story? That's the one i'm working on right now! So behold - the sketching process so far.
I like these lines. These lines are cool.
Just a little something.
Sketching away